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The End...?

The origins of the MacShack started circa 1990 when I was in grade school, and had my first exposure to Apple computers. At that time, my school had mostly Apple IIe computers, on which I learned typing and played other "educational" games like Oregon Trail, Number Munchers, Cross Country USA and the like. Gradually, the school transitioned over the various models of Macintosh computers, including the SE, LC and Classic. ClarisWorks and HyperCard were programs that we used daily, and also Netscape when we got our first exposure to the graphical Internet--there was also a bit of Gopher and Lynx before that, on the text-based Internet. Although I didn't own a Mac of my own at the time, it set the stage for a lifetime of tinkering with computers and electronics.

The first iterations of the store started around 2004, when I used a simple website as a catalog for the various items that I scrounged up from friends, garage sales, eBay lots and other sources. Ordering was done via e-mail and PayPal, and the majority of my customers were from various Mac communities, such as LowEndMac and Jeg's. Around 2008, I upgraded and created a real webstore with Zencart, which brought standard webstore features to the party such as automated inventory tracking, ordering and payment. I can't say that the store was ever very "pretty", as my web skills have generally emphasied the functionality of a site rather than eye candy.

Unfortunately, my current work situation has me away from home for extended periods of time, which makes maintaining the website and filling orders very difficult. Therefore, for the time being, I have to put on "hold" until things return to normal and I can dedicate more time to the store. Although it's never been a sustaining business for me, I've enjoyed working on the store over the years, serching high and low to bring you the best deals on classic Apple & Macintosh systems, accessories, parts and other gear. That said, my inventory is still intact and there is a possiblity that I can resume opertions when things quiet down on the employment front and I can take care of the maintenance and order-filling needs of the store. Another possibility is that the MacShack will be closed for good, and I will be looking to liquitdate the majority of my inventory.

I'd like to extend a thanks to all my customers, and fellow Classic Mac enthusiasts over the years who have helped me keep the store going, and to help keep as many of the great old Macs and Mac stuff out of dumpsters and landfills. Although I too feel the need for the latest and greatest technology, I try and balance it with a modicum of sustainability and believe that all technology can be useful to the right people in the right places--even if it's just something to play around with and reminicse about the golden days of Macintosh computing. I highly encourage everyone to recycle their old technology, and help out nonprofits like FreeGeek and others that refurbish old technology and get it into the hands of people who can appreciate it--and recycle it if it's no longer of any use.

Happy computing; hopefully I'll see everyone again soon.
Greg Bennett
Purveyor of Classic Apple & Macintosh Gear

If there is anything you think I can help you with, please don't hesitate to contact me via email: store at